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Villa Katarina

Markoči 57
52210 Batlug
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Villa Romantika

Valpereri 6
52210 Rovinj
Phone: 00385 98 441001
Sea: 500 m

Apartments Stone House

Braida 4
52211 Bale (Vale)
Phone: 00385 99 7368763
Sea: 6000 m

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52210 Rovinj
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Your apartments

52210 Rovinj
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Your apartments

52210 Rovinj
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About Rovinj:

The Limska draga fjord
This flooded karstic canyon, which has been declared "a special maritime reserve" and "an area of outstanding natural beauty", is a testimony to the climatic changes and geological evolution of Istria. With its emerald green sea and varied vegetation this is one of the most beautiful fjords on the Adriatic coast. Romuald's cave is situated here.

The Rovinj islands and mainland
These natural sights have been justly described as "outstanding scenic wonders," because of the pristine beauty of the indented coastline and its forests, consisting of holm oak and Alpine pine trees. This area "of outstanding natural beauty" extends from St. Ivan promontory to Barbariga, including all the Rovinj islands and the mainland 500 metres from the shore line.

The "Zlatni rt" Forest Park Together with Dubrovnik's Trsteno park, the "Zlatni rt" is the most important park on the Croatian side of the Adriatic.
Apart from thousands of indigenous and domesticated plants, such as the groves of holm oaks and Alpine pines, the deep shade in this age-old park is also created by many foreign plants, such as the cedar, the pine and some ten species of cypress, which all contribute to the park's distinctly Mediterranean atmosphere.

The Palud marsh and the Dvije Sestrice Islands
The Palud marsh is a "special ornithological reserve." Its brackish water and lush vegetation attract many bird species, either for nesting or as a stop-over on the way to other destinations.
The Dvije Sestrice (Two Sisters) islands are a nesting site for seagulls. Because of its thick holm oak forest the Gustinja promontory is regarded as "a forest vegetation reserve."

The Fantasy Quarry
This is a geological spectacle acclaimed around the world. It is a unique example of the geological phenomena that formed the Karst, of its structure and of the forces that created this abandoned quarry.

Food and drink
Here your Rovinj hosts have difficulty in making recommendations. Since Rovinj offers so many different establishments, you will have to choose for yourself. For your information, the town and the surrounding area offer many attractive places to suit even the most discerning guests - specialist fish restaurants, wine cellars, taverns, patisseries, soft drinks bars, rotisseries and bars for all tastes and palates.

Istrian specialities
Istrian smoked ham must be soft and of nice pinkish colour. It is cut in slices with knife.
Istarska supa -is prepared in bukaleta (an earthen jug) with slightly warmed red wine (Teran or Borgonja) by adding a little sugar, oil, pepper and a slice of toasted bread. Put in a spoon and offer to the thirsty friend.
Rovinjski pelinkovac - bitter wormwood (Arhemisia Absinthium) herb - liquer of unique natural colour and flavour. Rovinjski pelinkovac may remind you of the mild Mediterranean climate and the red Istrian soil.

At this 100-year-old institution, located at the Ruđer Bošković Institute's Centre for Maritime Research (Obala G. Paliage 5), one can admire all the wealth of the fauna of the Adriatic seabed.

Dvigrad - a Medieval town on the road to Kanfanar, only 23 km from Rovinj. Dvigrad was abandoned in the 17th century. Limska draga (The Limska draga cove) - 15 km by land and only four km by sea from Rovinj. The cove is 28 km long. Large selection of sea food. Bale - only a ten-minute drive from Rovinj. The town features the extraordinary Bembo palace and a beautiful neobaroque parish church. Žminj - a town only 25 km from Rovinj, which combines the atmosphere of the Mediterranean South and the continental North. The fiesta of St. Bartholomew's and a visit to the chapel of the Holy Trinity, which boasts 15th century murals by local painters, are special treats for the visitor.
We also recommend trips to Kanfanar, Rovinjsko selo and Sošići. The surroundings of Rovinj are also very attractive. There, between vineyards and olive groves, you can stil find the kaćuni, small houses with conical roofs, which are characteristic of the Istrian landscape.

A number of interesting regattas are held every year in Rovinj. The traditional ones are:
Pesaro -Rovinj - Pesaro and Chioggia - Rovinj - Chioggia

In tourist resorts, in hotels and on camping sites, indeed at any spot which enjoys the benevolence of sun and sea, you will find all kinds of recreational facilities. On the sea: a water-skiing school, parascending, sailing, water bikes, sandolinas. On land: a tennis school, tennis courts, volley-ball, basketball, a riding school, bowling, boules, soccer, darts, a gymnasium, a massage parlour and a sauna. If you prefer an adventure and adrenalin to relaxation, take a walk to the Golden Cape, Limska Draga or Dvigrad and enjoy in free climbing up the most exciting and well-prepared climbing locations. Apart from a high dose of excitement, here you can fully experience the beauty of the Mediterranean.

The local hunt club organizes hunting for Croatian hunters on an area of 4, 300 hectares. For foreigners it organizes commercial small-game hunting (pheasant, patridge, hare) from October to March.
Hunting for snipes, which migrate to this region in early November is particularly attractive. Apart from this, the Club organizes other kinds of hunting, including arranging shooting stands for big game.
Source: TZ Rovinj

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