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Contact: Mrs. Fani Beljan | Adress: Špira Puovića II 10, 21220 Trogir | Phone/Fax: 00385 21 806205 | GSM: 00385 91 5217273


Sea: 150 m | Beach: 150 m | Center: 1500 m | Restaurant: 200 m | Disco club: 1500 m | Supermarket: 250 m
Bank: 1500 m | Doctor: 200 m | Pharmacy: 200 m | Petrol station: 2500 m | Airport: 8000 m | Drive way: 150 m

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House - Villa Fani

Grill House






Capacity & Prices of accommodation

Type of
m2 / Stars Persons 28.04. - 15.06.
15.09. - 16.10.
16.06. - 13.07.
25.08. - 14.09.
14.07. - 24.08.
Superior apartment with balcony
and sea view
- / **** 2 + 2 persons 65 EUR/night 79 EUR/night 94 EUR/night
Sunny apartment with balcony
and sea view
- / **** 2 + 2 persons 54 EUR/night 74 EUR/night 84 EUR/night
Standard apartment
with balcony
- / **** 2 + 2 persons 52 EUR/night 69 EUR/night 79 EUR/night
Comfort apartment
with balcony
- / **** 2 + 2 persons 59 EUR/night 79 EUR/night 89 EUR/night
Comfort studio with balcony
and sea view
- / **** 2 + 1 persons 49 EUR/night 55 EUR/night 65 EUR/night

Prices are given for 2 persons. Extra 7 EUR is charged for each additional person.
Tourist tax is included in the price.
Departure till 10:00, Arrival after 14:00.
The price includes:
WiFi in the apartment,
Weekly change of bed linen,
Water and electricity,
Air Coditioning,
Kitchen equipment,
Cleaning the apartment on departure day,
Grill and parking on request
Tourist tax
The price does not include:
Baybe bed 10 EUR/day,
Washer and dryer 10 EUR/machine

  House Rules:
We would like to acquaint you with our house rules so that your stay can be as pleasant as possible. For any kind of information please ask us directly. While confirming your reservation it is a matter of course that you have been familiarized and agreed with it and that you will observe it completely. Non-compliance of the house rules can result in a cancellation of the reservation and the encashment of the whole price of the stay, regardless of an earlier compulsory departure.
1. Upon arrival at the reception please hand over your personal documents to the host (passports or identity cards, voucher) of all guests for registration at the Tourist office and pay the rest of the amount for the accommodation. The documents shall be returned to you within 24h.
2. The guest is responsible for the key and for locking the door of the apartment as the hosts have no responsibility for any theft or indolence.
3. The costs for the rent of the accommodation shall be paid at the reception personally if the reservation had not been carried out by another agency. The payment shall be realised exclusively in cash in accordance with the price list for the running year which has been put up in your facility.
4. The price of the apartment includes: water supply, electrical supply, and supply for cooking, water heating and change of the bed linen/towels on weekly basis.
5. Should you decide to terminate your agreed stay earlier, you will be in dept to pay the whole reservation of the abode.
6. The guest is responsible for the cleanliness of the accommodation and they are in charge to maintain it. The host is not obliged to maintain the accommodation during the stay of the guest.
7. The host has no right to enter the rented flat without prior notice and approval, nor is he allowed to touch or use private property. The host may enter the object without the guest’s presence only in the case of justified suspiciousness that the object or the guest’s property is in danger, as well as if there is a justified suspiciousness that there have been violations against the house rules.
8. The host is on your service for any information and help you might need throughout your entire stay. The host is neither obliged nor responsible for the organisation of the guests’ free time and animation.
9. The host is not responsible for the guest’s property, but he will do everything in his power to protect it and to warn the guest against possible danger. When going out, it is essential to lock the doors and windows.
10. Pets are permitted only upon the consent of the host. Bringing in of pets without prior notice in the reservation is not allowed, the owner of the apartment and the agency has the full right to cancel the accommodation. The guest is obliged to make sure that the pet does not jump on furniture and does not cause any damage as well as to immediately clean its excrements in the apartment, yard, in the house and its proximity and on the beach.
11. It is advised not to smoke indoor but to smoke on the terraces of the apartments and the joint spaces outdoor. We kindly ask you to carry out garbage every day.
12. It is prohibited to bring into the apartment easily flammable and explosive material with strong or unpleasant odour. It is not allowed to bring in electric consumers for which you have no concordance given by the host. Electrical usage which is included in the price of the accommodation does not provide for untypical additional electrical devices. Every usage found in the apartment will be charged extra in accordance with the usage, regardless of the fact has it been used or not.
13. From 23:00 till 8:00 o’clock it is night time peace, from 14:00 till 17:00 o’clock afternoon relaxation, therefore it is prohibited to cause any noise or disturbance of peace for the other guests.
14. The guest is obliged to protect the apartment’s equipment and general state, especially is it essential to take care of switching off all electrical appliances, air condition, closing all tabs and sunshades for the time being out of the apartment. Before using the air condition, it is necessary to close all windows and doors. It is not permitted to move any furniture between the rooms nor to take out inner equipment into another accommodation, out or to the beach (chairs from the kitchen to the terrace, cutlery or cooking equipment into other another accommodation, towels or blankets out of the apartment to the beach, loungers from the swimming pool to the beach etc.). Particularly do not leave unnecessarily the air condition on when you are not inside nor use it while windows and doors are open. It is prohibited to cool food or beverages with running water. Besides it is prohibited to throw away waste into the toilet bowl, sink and other places which are not provided or to the yard and the close proximity of the house.
15. It is strictly forbidden to bring in persons that are no guests of Villa Fani and who have not been listed on the reservation. In the event that non-registered persons are found, the host has the full right to cancel the accommodation to all guests without any consequences regarding the payment of cancellation costs.
16. A guest who purposeful or accidently causes a defect or damage on the property will have to indemnify the full amount of the caused damage to the host. On the day of departure the guest is obliged personally to call the host to survey in their presence all rooms and household appliances to prove that he has not caused any damage. Only then has the guest the right to leave the accommodation. All caused damage that has not been registered will be claimed of the guest in court subsequently.
17. On the day of departure you are obliged to leave your accommodation by 10:00 o’clock to make sure that it will be cleaned and prepared for other guests who are going to arrive after you and who have the right to enter at 16:00h. Staying in the apartment after 10:00 o’clock unconditionally will entail payment of another day without the possibility to stay longer in the facility.
18. The apartment you have rented shall be left in the state existing on the day of your arrival: clean, tidy and with no damage.
19. Guests who do not comply of the house rules and who disturb peace will get an unconditional cancellation of the accommodation.
20. In the case of a cancellation of the accommodation by the host due to infringement of the house rules, the guest will be charged the whole amount of the reserved period of time, regardless of the shorter stay.
21. The guests are obliged to take care of their own things and valuables. The proprietor is not responsible for any possible disappearance of things or valuables of the guests.
22. Guests can use the outdoor grill in consultation with the host during their stay. Coal shall be organised by the guest. After usage the grill must be cleaned out of consideration for other users. Besides we kindly ask to be careful while operating with the fireplace to avoid ember to spread and to cause a fire.
23. If on the day of arrival the guest arrives to the booked accommodation after 20:00h, they are obliged to call the owner of the object or the agency ahead and announce a late arrival to avoid the situation that the host, who believes that the guests will not arrive anymore, welcomes other guests into the accommodation.
24. You may offer your comments, suggestions and compliments to your host who is at your disposal during working hours from 8.00 to 20.00 o’clock. Any complaints are taken into consideration only if they have been registered during the stay. Later complaints will not be taken into consideration.
25. Upon using the accommodation it is connoted that the guest has been introduced to the house rules and that they accept their obligations and conditions stressed in the house rules. Assumingthat the guest does not accept these provisions, he is obliged to leave the accommodation. Any disputes that cannot be resolved with the host or the agency shall be resolved by police or court in Trogir.

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