Accommodation in Vlašići
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Apartments Ante Radan

Put Mrta 38
23249 Vlašići
Phone: 00385 98 472360
Sea: 20 m

Apartments Sikavac

Put Magazina 34
23249 Vlašići
Phone: 00385 98 9406658
Sea: 35 m

Apartments Dupin

Put Magazina 40
23249 Vlašići
Phone: 00385 99 4742808
Sea: 0 m

Apartments Jasna

Put Magazina 25
23249 Vlašići
Phone: 00385 98 1319371
Sea: 200 m

Apartments Mandičić

Put Mrta 31
23249 Vlašići
Phone: 00385 95 5210165
Sea: 300 m

Your apartments

23249 Vlašići
Phone: 00385 9x xxxxxx
Sea: - m

About Vlašići:
A peaceful and quiet place ideal for a holiday with its sand and pebble beaches, it is an ideal destination for the family. The bay in Vlašići is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches on the Island of Pag.
Vlašići is a place with agricultural traditions where you can taste homemade cheese, lamb and excellent local wine of the gracious hosts. Vlašići is the "home community„ of Croats from Hungary, where various cultural programs take place.
In August, this little town is known for its rural olympics, where interesting traditional village games take place and there are about a dozen competing teams from different areas.
The Cultural Club Sveti Jeronim or Saint Jerome is located in Vlašići where they cherish traditional dances.

Greetings from Vlašići


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